Customer Testmonials

I still question why we waited as long as we did before rolling out this system. Tradition I guess? Maybe fear of the unknown, etc. But after having given this a thorough test drive, I can't imagine turning back.

Dollar for dollar and pound for pound, I'm not sure FileTrac has cost us a dime. What we trade in dollars for the product we save in labor and added value to the product we sell, our professional services.

What was a labor intensive process in file review, corrections, scanning, packaging, bundling, etc. is now done effortlessly within FileTrac itself.

The ability to manage staff in remote locations has created new business opportunities for our company. This past May we were able to respond to a customer's request to service an area hard hit by severe storms. Needing nothing more than an internet connection, our staff quickly responded to the area and completed the claims in just a couple short weeks - all managed and supervised remotely and in almost real time.

After researching the other products out there, we chose FileTrac as we felt it best served our needs. The unknown of course was the back up and support to the promises made. We were fortunate in having so many other colleagues who used FileTrac and gave it a big thumbs up. I'm proud to say that I too am now one of the loyal supporters.

You have a great team there and they have designed and support a fantastic product. My hat is off to your entire team for a job well done.

T. Mark Nixon - President

David and Dean, I wanted to let you know how FileTrac has allowed Phillips & Assoc. to save a lot of money and to move into the next level technologically. FileTrac has lessened our expenses, made us more productive and mobile. The expense that FileTrac has allowed us to reduce is very helpful now in this market we are in. I just wish I went to this program sooner.

It is absolutely amazing how FileTrac has transformed our business. No longer are we looking for Files. No longer are we having to house the files upon completion. No longer are we having to concern ourselves with physical storage. The beauty of FileTrac is that is accessible anywhere one has access to the internet. Traveling is a breeze since I can even access FileTrac on my handheld. This allows me to complete my work at any time of the day or night and not having to wait for the support staff to arrive.

On my marketing trips I Demo the system. The clients all are impressed. Some have said that the system is better than what they are using. General Agents love the system. The London clients can view the claims they have assigned without having to concern themselves with the time difference.

The capability of an examiner to see the claim they have assigned to us in real time is fantastic. We have uploaded video on claims and after we have uploaded the video called the examiner and reviewed the video with them at the same time. That is totally awesome as we have found we can explain the players in the video and the surrounding area to the client.

The capability to have files transferred is fantastic. No longer are we concerned with an adjuster being out either for an illness/pregnancy/vacation the manager is to assign another adjuster immediately thus the client sees absolutely no interruption of service. An audit can be performed at any time and without the supervisor having to travel to the location thus reducing expenses. Auditing files for review can be complete multiple times a year with ease. The tracking capabilities of File Trac are wonderful. We are able to track the progress of a claim very easy. That equates to a work product to our clients that is very impressive. Thank you all for allowing Phillips & Assoc. to be up with the latest technology.

Gene Phillips
Phillips & Assoc. Inc.

My adjusters and I love the system. It has levelled the playing field technologically by giving us the reporting and managment tools that only the largest adjusting companies could afford.

Our current clients absolutely love the system as well. We have seen an increase in business with our current clients as they feel more comfortable giving us larger numbers of claims since they now see that we have the best management tools in place. This system gives us the ultimate in accountability to our clients by allowing them to log into our system and check on the status of their claims.

This reporting and management system has given us the tools we need to seal the deal with prospective clients. Again, this system is the ultimate in accountability to our clients and prospective clients. I can not say enough about how much we love the system.

FileTrac™ is the most afforable, and dependable option available and I’ve done my homework.

Jim Henning, PCLA
Inspection Services America

As you may know, Chubb Insurance based in New Jersey has proprietary software they utilize in processing claims nationwide. I was the Regional Field Technology Support Manager for a large national insurance company when they rolled out their internal Claims Management System in 1999. It was quite an all encompassing system, very much like the one we at G-M Adjusting are lucky enough to have found in FileTrac™. You should be very proud of your accomplishments in creating a system which in my estimation exceeds the one designed by quite a large IT Department at a national insurance company!

Here at G-M Adjusting, we are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with you.

Stephanie Stone, Operations Manager

In the last seven years I have not seen an independent adjusting company use a system as sharp and easy to use as this one. I wish more independents had something like this to make themselves accountable for the claim files we send them.

I am going to my supervisor as soon as we get off the phone and show this to him. Wow! This is great.

Dwight Wade
Division of Zurich

We began using FileTrac in October 2007. In the time that has transpired, we have found it to be a user friendly, efficient system of claims management that will move us into the future, which we believe will soon be a paperless environment. We find it to be very cost effective. Had we not implemented FileTrac we would have been forced to employ at least one more support person full time. The FileTrac system saved us thousands of dollars because it did not require any investment in EDP equipment that would have been required by other systems. It allows all of our remote locations, approximately 15, to centrally store data and make records available to our corporate office. Lastly, we find the people at FileTrac to be friendly, eager, willing and able to improve the system and/or modify the system to be of greater service to us. Thank you FileTrac!

Meredith Reschley
Strongrich - Reschley